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:iconpoptart36: drew the fantastic ponys in my webcam spot! Go show love or I'll use caps lock. CAPS LOCK

:iconcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :icontradesask: :iconnorequests:


Peanut Butter and Jelly tutorial by The-Erin-show
Peanut Butter and Jelly tutorial
For the bread tutorial go here…
Sorry it took so long guys! I got really sick but I'm still kicking and back to doing stuff! I wanna start doing them regularly but I'm not organized enough to do anything consistently aside from breathe! So, take heart, more are coming and soon, I'm just not giving a set update date so I don't disappoint anyone when I miss it by a week :P
Donut Bracelet by The-Erin-show
Donut Bracelet
So cute it'll rot your teeth! It's not that blurry irl. I'll take a new pic tomorrow

I got all inspired and junk watching wreck it Ralph over and over again with my son. So probably more junk food to come :)

The bracelet is adjustable and sold here…
Untitled by The-Erin-show
Idk. Maybe I'll buy her a dress. I had only really intended to photograph their hands buuuuut I like her too much :3

I'm not crazy! Hide and seek right? RIGHT!?
Tea with the Dead by The-Erin-show
Tea with the Dead
I just... I keep thinking "This is it. I can't get any more lame" and some other part of my mind goes "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and the next thing I know I'm doing doll repaints.

.......I love this doll. She's so dramatic looking.
it's nonsense by The-Erin-show
it's nonsense
I just wanted to draw ghosts and my phone does a split camera thing.

I get mostly pokemon commissions so I really have only developed habits for those. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to note me! I do not claim ownership of any of the Pokemon. They belong to Pokemon � or � or � or what ever...

The price depends on how you want your piece to look. I can do them flat, 3D (which is them reacting to being on your necklace or interacting with it), or 3D with base. Links to each below.
With my commissions, if you're unsure of what pose you'd like, I draw up possible poses (including endless variations of things like facial expressions or small details) and I will email these reference drawings to you for you to choose from or tweak from there. Once you've picked what kind you'd like I'll draw up your guy, email it to you and if you like it, I'll put up a custom listing on Etsy for you. You need paypal for this. I'm open to other options but I don't know any. Let me know!

Low to mid detail pony custom $25…

Flat (normally start at $15 but with the sale start at $10. Shipping is $6 in a box or $3 in a padded envelop !!At your own risk, envelop is not suggested!!)…

3D wearable no base (start at $20. Shipping $6)…

3D wearable w/Base (start at $35. Shipping varies due to size)…

Mini food/Doll house miniatures Commissions!!

Though I haven't sold any yet, I'd very much like to get into selling Doll house miniatures/Mini food. Cool part about me not having sold any yet is, I have no idea what they're worth! Soooo, We'll start low detail/easy food at $2 USD before shipping and it'll go up from there depending on things like detail, size, amount, or if I need to but things like plates or silverware.

Shipping costs quoted here are for in the US. Please note me for outside. We'll figure this out together!

Currently I will trade for other things:
Premium membership= 3D w/no base or 2 flat
Graphics for my DA and Etsy (ie; banner, journal and folder skins I think they're called.) = 3D w/no base or 2 flat
Or what ever. Run it by me via note.

FaQ Time!!

What clay do you use?
What ever is on sale really. I prefer sculpty III if I can get my hands on it but I'll use pretty much anything. For the painted ones it's super sculpty firm painted with NON GLOSS acrylics.

What about tools?
I use these wood ones that don't have a name on them (bought in a set at the craft store) and some metal ones... Real helpful, I know. I avoid plastic because they have like creases in them that mark the clay badly. I also use a pyrex cutting bored. It's fantastic. Get you sum :P…

Will you be making any tutorials?
Not likely at this moment. but here are some flipping awesome ones. ( TURNS OUT I MADE ONE!… )……
-The Polymer Clay Techniques Book by Sue Heaser (The first book I got. Has a wide range of �helpful stuff that I apply everywhere)
-Dragons by Christi Friesen (Lots of texture stuff and really inspiring)
-Miniature Food Masterclass by Angie Scarr (I don't really do food but its gots lots of just for fun stuff and offers lots of techniques I apply everywhere)
-Life-like Animals in Polymer Clay by Katherine Dewey (even tho I don't do mush realisem knowing anatomy of similar bodies has been a huge help. Plus step bu step armature building. Good stuff)
Even if a tutorial is outside what your trying to be when you grow up (in sculpting) Give it a shot. You learn something every time that you can use on your preferred stuff!

Do you do trades?
Hmmmmmaybe. See above!

How about requests?
I wish. You cats have some great ideas but sadly I haven't the time or money to do them...

What's with the slang you use so often?
I think it's funny son. #swag.

How do you keep your finger prints off your clay?
I cheat! I'm rather heavy handed so when I'm done, before baking,  I lightly rub it down with isopropyl alcohol and it scrubs the finger prints off. Some people use clay softener but I'm not mega rich so I've never even tried it.

Yeah. I don't get a whole to many questions outside of commission questions.


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